We provide free measure and quotes for all roof restoration and gutterreplacement enquires. If you are looking for more than a quote and require a specialist inspection/assessment with a report on your roof (i.e. to find the cause of a water leak that includes recommendations for repairs), the following charges apply:
$180 incl. GST – single story
$230 incl. GST – double story
Note: should you accept our quote for repairs, this amount can be credited towards your final invoice
A quote includes a visual inspection and measure of your roof/gutters to determine what would be required for your roof restoration or gutter replacement project. Detailed information about the works to be completed is then included in a written quote with a fixed price cost for the job.

Our “Assess & Reports” or “Inspect & Reports” are generally required to determine the cause of water entry to your home. This includes:
1. Detailed information about the type of roof
2. Detailed description of findings e.g. why is the roof is leaking, what areas have been affected, how is water entering the ceiling/walls etc
3. Causation of the issue i.e. storm damage, maintenance issues, installation/design faults or previous faulty workmanship
4. Recommended repair options
5. Cost for repairs
6. Supporting media images / photos
7. Small make-safe / minor repair on the day if possible

We generally will only need somebody to be home if we are finding the cause of a water leak. Otherwise, most of the time we are working at our customer’s homes whilst they are at work. We do not need to come inside your home and normally only require access to power and water

Generally, we recommend replacing the gutters first. It is common for the roof to be slightly damaged when the old gutters are removed (particularly on the
corners). Therefore, having the gutters replaced first ensures no damages to
your newly restored tiled roof.

We have both Public liability and Workers compensation insurance. This provides cover for both injury and damages to property in the unlikely event of a "mishap” or “accident.”

The warranty we are offering you will be stated on your quote. Typically this will be for 10 years. This covers both the manufacturers warranty on products/materials and our workmanship warranty. It is however, a limited
warranty – see below:
** 10 year limited warranty **
Note: This Warranty excludes and in no event will Summit Roofing Services Pty Ltd be responsible for consequential or incidental damages caused by accident or abuse, walking on the Roof, growth or Organic Material, Industrial Pollution, Acts of God such as Floods, Fire, Storms or Earthquakes and Defects in Roof Structure.

When we attend for a quote or inspection, our roofer undertakes a site-specific assessment to determine how the work is to be carried out in a safe manner for all. Safety easures may include: the use of safety harness, safety handrail, scaffold, boom or scissor lift, crane access or a combination these. All staff and personal and trained in and practice safe-work procedures. This is because the safety of our roofers and customers is of the upmost importance.

On acceptance of quote we will send you an invoice for 30% deposit. We will also confirm your colour selections, arrange a job start (weather permitting) and provide you with an expected duration of works to be completed.

A full roof restoration is a complete renovation of your whole roof, leaving it just as good as new. The following steps are involved:
 Replacement of any broken roof tiles
 Removal of all the old bedding (mortar)
 Replacement of any rusted valley irons
 High pressure clean of the roof
 Reflexi pointing of the roof / ridge capping tiles
 Application of roof coatings: sealer/primer & roof paint
 Clean out of gutters

Typically, an average size roof will take 3-4 days. However there are a number of factors that will affect most trades including: size of the roof, amount of work required, weather and public holidays etc.

Bedding is a sand/cement mixure used to hold your ridge capping tiles and gable tiles to your roof. Some people also refer to this a mortar. Re-bedding is therefore, the removal of all your old mortar and the installation of new mortar to your ridge capping and gable tiles.

Flexible pointing is a rubberised compound that is applied on top of the bedding (along ridge capping and gable tiles). It comes in a range of colours to suit the roof. The pointing is smoothed out with a trowel to give a sharp finished look. Due to the pointing being flexible, it does not crack like traditional cement pointing. This provides for great longevity

We proudly use SupaPoint for our flexible pointing and NuRoof Resins for our roof coatings. These products have been made with world leading technology and offer long lasting protection, are fade resistant and quick drying. We will never use cheap or inferior products.

Sarking is a type of foil used as insulation and can reflect up to 95% of radiant heat away from your roof space on a hot summer day. Sarking also helps in keeping dust out and protecting your home during bushfires and storms.

It is best to arrange an inspection by one of our professionals to determine if your roof can be restored or whether it requires replacement altogether. Generally, your roof will need to be replaced if the roof tiles themselves have turned into “biscuits” meaning they are crumbling or your metal roof sheets are rusting through. If your roof is unable to be restored we are able to provide you with a cost to replace it with either a new Colorbond metal roof or new roof tiles depending on your preference and budget.

The number one reason for this would be to protect your home against costly water leaks and property damage. The second reason is to improve the look and value of your home.

Yes, absolutely. We are very proud of our workmanship and the roofs we have restored to date. Please check the “our work” pages of this website, or feel free to ask us for address of projects we have completed in your area.

All roofs are different and we need to undertake a site inspection to determine what works and required and how they are going to be carried out. Our prices are known to be very competitive in the market and you are assured to get a great finished product that will stand the test of time for your money.

Unfortunately, roof restorations (particularly high pressure cleaning) can often be a messy process. We do go to great lengths to protect your home and surroundings and always, low pressure clean any mess before completion. Included in your roof restoration is cleaning of your gutters.

You can choose from a range of 35 different roof paint colours. There are numerous shades in: orange, red, brown, grey, blue or green. If you have something else in mind, we are also able to match a supplied colour sample to your desire.

Generally, your home insurance will only cover damages that are caused by a storm or fire. In most cases, this will only include the affected area. Most commonly roofs need to be repaired or restored due to deterioration of the roof / requiring roof maintenance which is almost always the responsibility of the home-owner. It is possible that your insurance will cover the internal resultant damage if you first fix the roof. As all policies are different, it is always recommended to discuss this with your provider directly. We are able to provide you with a report for your insurance company when and if required.