When to replace your gutters instead of repairing them

As a homeowner, the responsibility of maintenance inevitably falls into your hands so its important to know about your gutters. Like anything, the longer you leave it, the worse it may become.

Guttering Cleaning

It is recommended that homeowners arrange for their gutters to be cleaned at least once a year. If you live in an area with a lots of trees, you would need to be more regular than this and may even need to clean them several times a year. If the thought of climbing a ladder to undertake this is not something you want to worry about, you have options that include engaging a gutter cleaning professional or installing leaf or gutter guard as amore permanent solution

What are the signs that I need to repair or replace my gutters?

The signs that your gutters need to be repaired or replaced will no doubt start with checking for leaks. These will commonly start in the corners and joins. You may also be noticing that your fascia is rotting, water staining to your eaves or water pooling around your slab. This are signs that you need to attend to your gutters promptly Another obvious sign that your gutters require attention is when they are rusting out or holding water after it has rained. Generally speaking, repairs are often 60% of the cost of new gutters. Therefore, most of the time and in the long run it is better off to replace them

How long do new gutters last?

If you properly maintain your new aluminium gutters, they should last you a lifetime. Maintenance of your new gutters would include cleaning, checking to ensure their levels are still correct after years of house movement and resealing corners and joins.

What types of gutters do you offer?

We are able to supply & install a number of aluminium guttering profiles including quad guttering, squareline guttering, OGEE guttering, continuous guttering, consealed and internal guttering, nuline guttering + resolve your fascia issues with new fascia or fascia cover. Summit Roofing Services provide you with a minimum guarantee of 10 years. If you believe its time to get your gutters replaced, call us for a free measure and quote.