Roof Painting Melbourne For Your Tiled Or Metal Roof

Roof Painting

Painting your roof not only ads curb appeal and value to your home, it can also assist with sealing porous cement tiles and extend their life expectancy.

Summit Roofing Services choose Nu Roof ™coatings, which are proudly Australian made and meet the highest quality standards as demanded by Australian consumers.

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They are specifically designed to withstand the tough Australian climate and have been formulated using world leading acrylic technology to give superior adhesion, UV resistance and rapid cure.

The Summit Roofing Services painting process includes:

  • Completion of any roof repairs required to ensure your roof is water tight
  • High pressure cleaning of roof and clean out of the gutters
  • Application of Nu Roof™ Primer – a clear penetrating coating to prepare worn surfaces. It provides superior adhesion and sealing.
  • Application of Nu Roof™ Sealer – specially formulated sealer for badly weathered or porous surfaces. Designed to seal and protect.
  • Application of Nu Roof™ Topcoats – the all-acrylic topcoats combined with a sealer or primer key together to give maximum strength and durability to your roof.

The Nu Roof™ products provide a long lasting protection, and are both fade resistant and quick drying. They are available in a wide range of colours and have been specifically manufactured by roofers, for roofers.