Roof Restoration in Melbourne

Roof Restorations

Many homeowners contact us about having their roof restored out of both want and need. Some homeowners will be undertaking renovations and want to enhance the overall appearance of their home. Others want to sell their property and add curb appeal to potential buyers, and there are many who simply need to either stop or prevent damages caused by water leaks. This can be a bit of a daunting task for some, knowing where to start and who to contact.

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It is very important that you do your research before you even make a call to a roofing contractor in Melbourne. Nowadays all reputable business should have some sort of Internet exposure. A quick Google search of the company name would be a great place to start. If you cannot find your roofing contractor on Google, there is a very good chance you wont be able to find them for warranty matters after you have paid the final bill. If you do find the contractor online, what do their reviews say? Keep in mind; many companies will have fake positive reviews so instead look at the negative reviews, as this will give you a good insight into how that company operates.

Once you have found a roofing contractor online with good reviews get in contact with them and request your roof inspection and quote. When they attend for the quote how do they present? Did they actually get on your roof? Did they take any photos of the areas they are quoting to repair? Did they take the time to understand your needs and expectations? What is their communication like?

Once you receive your written quote you need to confirm that this is a fixed price. If it’s not stated on the quote, be sure to find out what products and materials will be used. Often, very cheap quotes will be cheap for a reason. There are many inferior products on the market (particularly paint & pointing) so you want to ensure that the products being installed on your roof are of the highest quality and will stand the test of time. It would also be beneficial to find out what other roof restorations they have completed in your area. If you need extra reassurance it should not be an issue to request local address’ so you can check out their previous work in person.


Simply stated, past performance is the best predictor of future results and we have been rated 5/5 stars on all forums from our previous customers. This includes:

Cost & Value for Money
Quality Workmanship & Knowledgeable staff
Customer Service & Professionalism
Trust & Transparency

Our aim is clear, we want you to be completely 100% satisfied with our service and join the growing number of our happy customers.

We understand that each customer and every roof is unique. Our team will take the time to understand your requirements and budget and work with you to find the best possible outcome. Got a question? No problem. Need expert advice? Sure thing.

No matter where you are at with your roof restoration project, rest assured we are here to assist.


Roof restorations will be different for each roof type and will depend on a number of factors. This is why we ensure a roofer visits each property and completes a thorough inspection prior to providing you with a quote.

When one of our expert roofers attends for an inspection at a time/date mutually agreed upon, we will actually get on your roof and take photographs of any problem areas to discuss with you.

The main question the roofer will be answering during the roof restoration inspection is: “What works are required so that there are no further repairs needed on this roof for a minimum of 10 years?”


Questions the roofer will be answering during the tiled roof restoration inspection include:

  • Do the ridge capping tiles need new mortar (re-bed)? If so how many?
  • Do the ridge capping tiles need a new top layer of flexible pointing (re-point)? If so how many?
  • Are there any gables? Do these need re-pointing? If so how many?
  • Are there any valleys? What condition are they in? Do they need to be replaced? What length?
  • Is there loose mortar in the valleys? Do the valleys need repointing or have storm seal protection installed?
  • Are there any broken tiles? How many? What profile are these?
  • Are the tiles laid correctly? Do any tiles or battens need to be rectified?
  • What is the condition of the tiles? Do they need to be sealed or painted or glazed?
  • Does the roof need cleaning? If so, how dirty is it?
  • Do the gutters need cleaning? If so, how full are they?
  • Is there any flashing? Does this need to be repaired or replaced?
  • What is the condition of the seals around roof penetrations? Do these need to be resealed?
  • What is the height & pitch of the roof? Will handrail need to be installed?

All of this information is used to determine the scope of works and the cost of your project. We only quote for what is needed and never include any unnecessary works.


When it comes to metal roofs there is significantly less work involved in a restoration than there is with tiled roofs (unless roofing sheets have rusted through and it requires a complete re-roof).

Summit Roofing Services can restore Galvanised, Zincalume, Colorbond, Aluminium or even metal tile roofs. The key criteria for a successful Metal Roof Restoration is a sound roof, which means no major rust issues and the sheets are fixed firmly in place and undamaged. Surface rust can be treated as part of the preparation process, and re-fixing loose sheets with Tek Screws can be carried out as long as the supporting timber is undamaged.

Questions the roofer will be answering during the metal roof restoration inspection include:

  • Are roofing sheets fixed firmly in place?
  • Are the screws flush and fixing materials in good condition?
  • Have any of the seals in joins deteriorated? Do they need to be resealed?
  • Are there any box gutters? What condition are they in?
  • Does the roof require cleaning? If so, how dirty is it?
  • Does the roof require painting? If so, what is the coverage area?

This information will be used to determine the scope of works and the cost of your project. We only quote for what is needed and never include any unnecessary works.