Leaf & Gutter Guard Melbourne

Leaf & Gutter Guard

Many people don’t think about cleaning their gutters until they notice a problem with them when it rains. However, just like your roof it’s best to do preventative inspection, cleaning and maintenance before you run into problems.

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If the thought of climbing a ladder or needing to continually clean you gutters is not something you want to worry about – we recommend having one of our professional installers provide you with gutter guard protection.

Summit Roofing Services choose Gutter Protector Mesh Foam Gutter Guard™ for all our leaf guard projects. Unlike most metal and plastic leaf guards, Gutter Protector’s ™ innovative mesh foam wedge prevents the issue of seeds entering and growing into weeds and small tress under the leaf guard.

Gutter Protector Mesh Foam Gutter Guard™ contains a built in biocide that has been added in the mix during production and will prevent the growth of moss, mildew, mould and most important of all; it will prevent seeds from growing in your gutters.

What are the other advantages of Gutter Protector’s Mesh Foam™?

  • Withstands torrential rain
  • Fire retardant tested by CSIRO
  • Suitable for rainwater harvesting
  • Built in UV formula, combining the best UV stabilizer & light absorber
  • Only mesh foam gutter guard with a 10yr manufacturers warranty
  • Suitable for all roof types and profiles