Roof Cleaning Melbourne for Moss and Lichen Removal.

Roof Cleaning

When growth or organic materials such as lichen, moss and algae build up on your roof, it can make your home look unsightly and unkempt. It also can lead to bigger issues as it can often conceal broken tiles and interfere with the natural drainage system of the roof, preventing water from travelling into the gutters. This can often lead to the home feeling cold and damp.
Summit Roofing Services are experts in roof cleaning. We use commercial quality high-pressure cleaners applying around 4000 psi of straight water pressure.

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Our experienced and qualified roofers understand what process works for each type of roof. We specialise in Cement Tile Roof Cleaning, Terracotta Roof Cleaning, Colorbond Roof Cleaning, Metal Roof Cleaning and Commercial Roof Cleaning. Some roofs unfortunately cannot be cleaned such as asbestos and thatched roofs.

It is true. The roof cleaning process can often be messy. Our roofers ensure that once they finish cleaning your roof we will also low pressure clean any mess to adjoining walls or windows including your driveway which always leaves the home looking cleaner than before.

How we clean your roof

We clean your roof by using straight water pressure, without the need for any harsh chemicals. This ensures a eco-friendly approach, which is safer for you and your family plus your pets, plants and property.